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Strafanzeige gegen Dissens e.V.

Gast, Monday, 29.01.2007, 22:52 (vor 6356 Tagen) @ susu

Nicht von Goldstein et al. so wie ich das sehe. Kannst du eine Quelle

Wahrscheinlich ist diese Studie gemeint:

n summary, we have demonstrated that at 1 day old, human neonates demonstrate sexual
dimorphism in both social and mechanical perception. Male infants show a stronger interest
in mechanical objects, while female infants show a stronger interest in the face. The male
preference cannot have simply been for a moving stimulus, as both stimuli moved. Rather,
their natural motion differed, the face with biological motion, the mobile with physicomechanical
motion. Naturally, these results apply to males and females averaged over a
group, and not to all individuals. At such an age, these sex differences cannot readily be attributed to postnatal experience, and are instead consistent with a biological cause, most
likely neurogenetic and/or neuroendocrine in nature.

Sex differences in human neonatal social perception

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